Tuesday, May 25

Marketing Media Ecosystem Outlook- 2021 and Beyond

It’s impossible to “future proof” without understanding what the future may hold. This series of sessions will explore the changing marketing, media and technology landscape, and provide insight on what this means for all industry stakeholders.

Sessions include:


Welcome + CEO Address

Keynote Interview: Carla Hassan, Chief Marketing Officer, Citi

Citi CMO Carla Hassan sits down with OAAA’s Anna Bager for a candid conversation about what it means to connect with consumers during this unique moment in history.

The Leadership Outlook

Chief Executives from the three largest US OOH companies sit down with OAAA CEO Anna Bager to share their perspectives about the current state of the market, as well as predictions for its future.

Disruptive Creativity and the Great Reset

Known as “the mother of Cognitive Experience Design,” Joanna Peña-Bickley is Head of Research & Design, Alexa Devices at Amazon and the Executive Chair of DesignedByUs. Joanna’s multi-disciplinary acumen in design, media and technology makes her a true 21st century renaissance woman. In this inspiring talk, Joanna shares her POV on what it means to build world-changing products and experiences for the connected era.

Big Tech, Big OOH Spotlight: Twitter

Throughout the conference a series of interstitial presentations will showcase why some of the world’s most innovative technology companies lead with OOH for big marketing moments.

Navigating Today’s Media Landscape

Brad Jakeman, Senior Advisor at the Boston Consulting Group, is widely recognized as one of the top marketers in the world, with a career that has spanned fashion, financial services, entertainment, and consumer packaged goods. As a long-time client-side OOH buyer and champion, Brad has key recommendations for the Future Proof audience in this fireside chat with OAAA President & CEO Anna Bager. Hear what’s on modern marketers' minds, and how OOH can sell itself better in these changing times. 

Betting Big on DOOH

In this interview with Digiday’s Kimeko McCoy, Verizon Media’s Ivan Markman shares his views on how brands can captivate audiences through programmatic digital screens, measurement in the space and how innovations in 5G will drive the future of OOH.

The Local POV

Local advertising expert Corey Elliott of Borrell Associates sits down with OAAA CMO Christina Radigan to discuss Local ad spend projections for 2021 and beyond. They’ll explore what local businesses think of OOH advertising, the pros and cons as related to other media, and the challenges of marketing a local business in 2021.

Dole’s Malnutrition Labels

In this session, Dole’s Global CMO shares how (and why) the brand looked to OOH as the core medium for their recent experiential initiative designed to spark conversation and action around the gaps in nutrition access, affordability, and acceptability. This candid conversation also explores how Dole thinks about marketing, technology, media channels and more. 

Creativity, Content, Commerce 

As we emerge from the most accelerated set of global changes around…everything –it’s clear the old rules and playbooks no longer apply. This series of conversations will explore the platforms, stories and experiences that will resonate with today’s consumer.

Sessions include:


Welcome + Framing the Afternoon

Reddit Upvotes OOH

Reddit’s first, long-anticipated “Up the Vote" brand campaign unveiled in 2020, leaned heavily on out of home platforms to encourage people to get active in last year’s presidential election. In this fireside chat,  the architects of this campaign dig into the why + how, and share insights into the impact of this brilliant OOH work that started an ongoing, feedback-loop conversation with voters.

Video + OOH - Creativity Unleashed 

Video enables storytelling like no other medium, holding attention much longer, and offering considerable reach and scale across channels. Marrying the power of video with the brand-safe, contextually relevant, one-to-many nature of OOH provides an unprecedented opportunity for advertisers and media owners alike. In this session video and OOH experts dig into the untapped potential of VOOH.

Big Tech, Big OOH Spotlight: Spotify

Throughout the conference a series of interstitial presentations will showcase why some of the world’s most innovative technology companies lead with OOH for big marketing moments.

Cannabis + OOH
The Effectiveness of Outdoor for a Budding Category

Cannabis continues to be a trending topic, with recent legislation passing at the state level in New York, New Jersey, and more. As the legalization of recreational cannabis grows, so too does the role of OOH in strategically reaching consumers while navigating disparate regulations. While a disproportionately large percentage of the cannabis advertising share goes to OOH due to current restrictions, OOH can still remain a powerful and effective channel for these brands, even if this changes. In this session, industry experts explore the current and future state of Cannabis marketing, with a focus on the unique opportunities for OOH.

Bridging the Gap Between Offline and Online Marketing

The ability to understand what is driving consumer interactions in an offline environment will become exponentially more important for brands as the world reopens. Hear from Jim Norton, Chief Revenue Officer, Flowcode and Ryan Morris, BMW on the power of building connected omnichannel experiences at every consumer touch point.

DTC Brand Growth Done Right

Nik Sharma is an investor, advisor, the founder of Sharma Brands and universally known as the “DTC Guy.” Brian Rappaport is a planner, a strategist, the founder of Quan and is known as the “OOH guy that works with a lot of DTC brands.” In this session Brian + Nik discuss successfully scaling DTC brands, what channels work , the importance of creative, and what role OOH plays in the media mix.

If You Can See Her You Can Be Her
A fireside chat with Marisa Seigel, Budweiser & Jeannine Shao Collins, SeeHer

SeeHer works with member companies like AB inBev is working to improve the portrayals of women in advertising and media. Learn about the SeeHer movement and the Gender Equality Measure (GEM®) that brands and agencies are using to measure OOH advertising and improve marketing effectiveness.

Big Tech, Big OOH Spotlight: TikTok

Throughout the conference, a series of interstitial presentations will showcase why some of the world’s most innovative technology companies lead with OOH for big marketing moments.

Wednesday, May 26

Consumer Trends, Behaviors and Attitudes

COVID changed everything about how we live, work, play, discover, consume...but which of these changes will revert to “before times” and which will persist? This series of sessions explores both how consumers will come back out into the world and what will resonate with them when they do.

Sessions Include:

Welcome + OOH Mythbusters

Keynote Interview: Molly Battin, Vice President, Global Brand Marketing, Delta Air Lines

Delta has long been a pioneer in the OOH space. In this keynote conversation, Molly will share how the brand is thinking about the future of travel and the customer experience, and the role OOH may play in a post-COVID world.

The Great Covid Reset: B.C. v. A.C. 

The Center for the Digital Future (CDF) has partnered with research agency Bovitz, Inc. to launch a 5 year tracking of 7 key industries and aspects of daily life to understand how the world changes as we enter the era of A.C. (After COVID). By tracking critically important shifts in: Health, Work, Communities, Shopping, Travel, Entertainment and Learning; this research provides insight to support industry and government on how to best meet the needs of customers and members of society.

Going Global: How OOH’s Success in European Markets Can Light the Way for the US 

Big Tech, Big OOH Spotlight: Snap Inc

Throughout the conference a series of interstitial presentations will showcase why some of the world’s most innovative technology companies lead with OOH for big marketing moments

Consumer Insights & Intent – Q2 and Summer Travel

Harris Poll CEO, John Gerzema presents the latest insights from “Consumer Insights and Intent: Q2 2021 Summer Travel,” the latest research report from OAAA & The Harris Poll revealing that summer travel will meet or exceed pre-pandemic levels for more than half of consumers. John’s presentation will provide a data driven portrait of new consumer travel trends and the influence of OOH advertising on consumer behavior and buying habits.

Collaborating to Fight COVID

Answering the public’s questions about the COVID-19 vaccines is essential to building trust and ensuring more people in the U.S. feel informed and confident being vaccinated against COVID-19. In this conversation with the Ad Council’s Kathy Kayse and Dr Ernest J. Grant from the American Nurses Association, we’ll hear about how public education efforts are rolling out across the U.S. and how cross-industry collaboration will play a major role in a brighter—and healthier—future.

Introducing OOH United

OOH UNITED is committed to advancing a culture of inclusion throughout the out of home industry because Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is core to industry growth. Committee leaders will briefly share an overview featuring all the important projects OOH UNITED is currently undertaking. OOH UNITED is creating an inclusive foundation for the out of home community.

OOH for Social Amplification: A Fireside Chat with Alexis Ohanian

Advertisers reach more than half the Earth’s population - close to five billion people - using social media. But digital fatigue is real - consumers are so inundated with content they become numb to their screens. So, what happens when a campaign is about more than an ad? When the stakes are higher and tied to a social cause? Not everything is about bottom line revenue and conversions, and those campaigns can’t afford to go unseen. In this conversation venture capitalist Alexis Ohanian and AdQuick CEO Matt O’Connor discuss how Outdoor advertising gives brands and organizations new opportunities to get noticed, amplify their social campaigns, and inspire action in ways we’ve never seen before.

Unilever on the Evolving Media Marketplace

As Vice President of Media and Digital Engagement, North America, Rob Master oversees a team responsible for media innovation, strategy, and the development of integrated communication plans for all Unilever. In this session he shares his perspective on the evolving OOH space with Kinetic Worldwide CEO Keith Kaplan. They’ll cover Unilever’s recent testing phase for OOH, and dig into Rob’s view of how the brand is aiming to reframe the space as a digital network.

Data, Digital, and Automation: Where to go from here for Out of Home?

From IDFA to more complex emerging privacy regulation, there is immense disruption occurring around data-driven marketing. How can the industry leverage OOH’s unique attributes to provide alternative solutions to some of these challenges? What will it take to drive towards further programmatic transacting of OOH? This segment goes deep on the industry’s most pressing issues around technology, data, and automation, and explores how solving for them will unlock exponential growth.

Sessions Include:


Welcome + Framing the Afternoon

Keynote Interview: Morgan Flatley, US Senior Vice President – Chief Marketing and Digital Customer Experience Officer, McDonalds

As Chief Marketing & Digital Customer Experience Officer for one of the most storied advertisers of all time, Morgan Flatley will discuss how she thinks about telling the McDonald’s story across channels and why OOH is a key part of that mix. 

As the Cookie Crumbles, Will Context Take the Cake?

As society becomes increasingly uncomfortable with user tracking, the practice of audience targeting is increasingly imperiled. In this session, Adam Green will explore the threats and opportunities for OOH, and how media owners, technology, and data providers can capitalize on this shift.

The Data Imperative

In this session, industry expert Belinda Smith shares her perspective on the changing data ecosystem. Following her talk, Belinda is joined by OAAA President + CEO Anna Bager to discuss what this means for stakeholders in the OOH space. 

The Evolution of Data in Moving Out of Home

Take a deep-dive into how at how moving OOH companies are using data to reconcile the delivery of impressions and provide insights to their clients. StreetMetrics is joined by Vector Media, Lyft Media and Do It Outdoor and Budweiser to discuss how data is elevating their media format.

How Programmatic DOOH Performs for DTC and Brick-and-Mortar brands

Hear success stories from two different major brands regarding their recent programmatic DOOH campaign strategy, tactics and results. Learn about screen sequencing and the creative artwork considerations that blended digital billboards, urban panels, Uber OOH cartops and other outdoor screens to deliver 360 degree performance branding.

Capturing Mobile Users Exposure to DOOH Campaigns
OAAA Standardization Guidelines & Best Practices 

The recently released DOOH Exposure Standardization Guidelines enable the collection of accurate and transparent DOOH exposure data, leading to more credible and conclusive attribution of the channel’s impact on business outcomes. This, in turn, will empower omnichannel marketers to increase investment in DOOH. Key architects of the guidelines come together for a conversation about this new set of best practices, the methodology behind them, and plans to help drive adoption.

Leveling Up: OOH Enters the Programmatic Mainstream

With OOH gaining equal footing in some of the world’s largest omnichannel DSPs,  brands are committing more spend to the medium by utilising the it in new ways. This session explores the role of programmatic in keeping OOH in the spotlight (particularly in the last year), as well as the data-driven tools and measurement solutions that empower brands to activate OOH alongside all other digital channels.

Unpacking the OOH LUMAscape

Terence Kawaja isn’t just the creator of the industry’s most loved infographics. He’s also a seasoned investment banker who has advised on $300 billion in transactions, including some of the most pivotal deals in the media and tech industries. In this talk, Terry applies his trademarked brand of deep insights married with good humor to unpack the current and future state of the media marketplace. He’ll share thoughts about where there is potential for material growth in the OOH space, and an unflinching assessment on what it will take to get there. 

Closing Keynote: Political Insight with The Honorable James E. Clyburn

A leader in Congress shares policy predictions and personal perspectives about out of home media.  House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn of South Carolina provides an insider’s look at what’s next regarding privacy, cannabis, infrastructure, and more. Congressman Clyburn also shares great stories about billboards during his interview with OAAA’s Ken Klein.

Thursday, May 27

ANA Half-Day Event

Registered attendees of the OOH Media Conference will receive a complimentary pass to the ANA half-day event on Thursday, May 27, presented by OAAA. 

More sessions to be announced!

Sessions Include:


Whiskey & the Why's of OOH: A Marketer's View

OAAA President & CEO Anna Bager interviews Sophie Kelly, SVP of Diageo’s North American Whiskeys Portfolio on why this senior marketer champions OOH in the media mix. From her buy-side perspective, hear Kelly’s thoughts on both merits and misconceptions surrounding OOH. Kelly will share candid advice on setting the right tone for post-pandemic re-emergence, and she’ll share Diageo insights from both early lockdown pivots to current re-opening efforts for restaurant and bar owners. The entire session will inform and inspire, as we study the new consumer journey at this particular moment in history and culture.

Fueling PepsiCo's Consumers in Moments That Matter - A Winning Brand Portfolio Story

With its exciting roster of brands, the success of and demand for favorite beverages in the PepsiCo portfolio depends on a strong omni-channel media strategy and trusted partners that deliver ROI/ROAS time and again. In this session, Katie Haniffy, Senior Director, Media Strategy & Investment, PepsiCo Beverages and Sean McCaffrey, President & CEO, GSTV, share how a collaborative partnership across strategic planning & insights, content creation, measurement, and retailer relations help PepsiCo win in the convenience and gas channel and beyond. Featuring campaigns from Mtn Dew, Rockstar Energy, and PepCoin, this session will dive into how PepsiCo strategizes for and consistently achieves insights-driven sales and brand lift success across its portfolio with DOOH -- engaging consumers on their path to purchase, driving consideration, and fueling sales.  

Investing your Heartbeats in the Life Artois

Inspired by the fact that we’re all born with an average of 2.5 billion heartbeats, Stella Artois took to its biggest stage - Super Bowl LV - to spread a piece of investment advice that comes from the heart. Known for encouraging everyone to savor time with those who matter most, Stella Artois partnered with rockstar Lenny Kravitz, to inspire consumers to invest their fortune of heartbeats in each other. In this session, Lara Krug, VP of Marketing at Stella Artois, will give an overview of Stella Artois’ “Invest Your Heartbeats in the Life Artois” campaign and how the brand carried the message throughout Q1 with a 360-campaign, including an experiential program, “Stella Mutual” - a new kind of investment platform reminding fans to focus on investing time together.

How to Launch an Always Ready OOH Campaign

With the rise in popularity of take-out and delivery the past year, Seamless wanted to develop a unique, relevant campaign that reaches NYC consumers at every point of their daily journey. This session will take a deep dive into how Seamless pushed the boundaries this year by leveraging the flexibility of “Always Ready” OOH to deliver relevant, hyper-local ads, which are updated in real-time using data triggers. Hear from Seamless themselves as well as dentsu’s OOH team about how they optimized the Liveposter platform to utilize dynamic OOH in an efficient and scalable manner as well as leveraged the latest 1st party data in a new, innovative way.  

Town Hall

An open forum for discussion on industry topics, this session will be moderated to facilitate engaging dialogue. Attendees are encouraged but not required to participate in the conversation. The Town Hall session is attended by invitation only and will have limited capacity.

By invite only


How can we make transacting OOH an easier part of omnichannel strategies?

  • How do we make it easier for buyers to understand and access consolidated inventory? 
  • How can we ensure buyers have a similar experience across all OOH companies and markets? 
  • What are the priorities for further automation including: processes, workflows, exchange of data across digital and printed inventory?